Our Story

Martin and Rose Pomplun started Marty's Lawn Service in the 1960's.  Marty would install lawns and do various landscaping jobs after work and on the weekends. As he was looking for something to do when he retired,  Marty and Rose bought the nursery in Eureka, known then as Blue Sky Gardens, in 1976.  They changed the name to  Marty's Blue Sky Nursery and Landscaping, Inc. and it remains the same today.  Martin, Rose, and their son, Russell, operated the business as their full-time jobs.

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​​Marty's Blue Sky Nursery

In 1993, Martin and Rose sold the business to Russell.  Russell and his wife, Lanette, and their three sons  Jostun, Bryce, and Noah, operated the business as the boys were growing up.  They expanded the business to include the selling of trees, shrubs, perennials, stone, bark, topsoil, installation of nursery stock, lawns and hardscaping.   

Now today, the boys have moved on to their own dream jobs and Lanette & Russell operate the business as a do-it-yourself nursery.  They sell nursery stock, topsoil, mulches, stone product and offer advice on how to complete your own landscaping project.